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     To enable us to provide you with costs we will need to know 

1. Where you are 

2. The type of laminate you want to make 

We can then quote for a typical trial order including delivery and also give indicative production costs in either sq ft or sq m.

Please say if you prefer costs in sq ft or sq m and  in which currency you wish the costs. 


     Made & used by the World's largest glass companies.

To join them and manufacture Surlyt, 

the best laminated glass in the World, 

contact Jim Langlands at :-

1stlam or Surlyt

(UK) Tel : 01294 832322
(UK) Fax: 01294 832101

(International) Tel : +44 1294 832322
(International) Fax: +44 1294 832101



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