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Making Laminated Security Glass Without Machinery



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     Product description and performance

Clear, tinted, translucent and opaque interlayer


Bulletproof glass, safety and security glass


     Anti-blast, sound absorbing, solar control and 100% UV absorbing laminates

Patterned, wired and fire resistance laminates to any security requirement including the highest bulletproof specifications

Glass/Plastic laminates, laminated bends.


Click to see some examples of glass floors, stair treads, etc. which are fitted around the World  


     Cracked ice table tops and partitions, laminated mirrors, colored wall cladding, signs, laminated leaded lights, vehicle glazing and more - the list is endless. 


     Bulletproof glazing will probably always be the most lucrative part of the security glazing market. 

On some occasions equally high profits may be made by providing the client with a special color or effect, obviously this will be maximized if the product is also bulletproof. 


     Surlyt bulletproof glazing products have already been tested in various countries including Northern Ireland, South Africa and parts of the old USSR.


Bulletproof glass production costs

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